LEDs for marine vessels

Coast Guard Warns of Potential Communication Interference From LED Lighting; Urges Testing

In an unusual step, the U.S. Coast Guard has issued a marine safety alert about the possibility of some LED lighting interfering with communications. The Coast Guard warned that crews, ship owners, inspectors and other mariners have reported poor reception on VHF frequencies used for radiotelephone, digital selective calling (DSC) and …

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Larson Electronics Launches Rugged UV LED Light Source

Larson Electronics, an industrial grade lighting equipment specialist, reported the release of a 132-watt ultraviolet LED light source that offers extreme durability and high output. The new LEDLB-44E-UV-400NM ultraviolet LED light bar draws 132 watts of power from a 12-volt electrical system to produce 176 mW/cm². This light bar can …

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