Applying Fixture vrs. Area-based Controls for Lighting

Guest Editorial By: David Parrett, director of product marketing at Cortet, a firm specializing in smart building IoT technologies   If you’re considering a move to networked lighting control, or you’ve already begun roughing in the project scope, you may be wondering: Is fixture-level control or area-based control the best …

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Diversified Tech Firms with Lighting Divisions Looking for Profitability Away from General Lighting

Some of the major LED Lighting makers are switching their focus as the LED lighting technology matures. Increasing competition, lower prices, and decreased profitability are to blame. For example, Cree is switching its focus away from general lighting to markets with better prospects including power electronics and RF. Osram is …

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Intelligent Grow Lights, an IoT Application that Can Make Indoor Farming More Profitable

Smart or intelligent grow lights may be an extremely valuable Internet-connected lighting application. A plant growth environment should have the perfect conditions for each plant growth stage. For this reason, an entirely controlled environment requires many sensors including temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, etc… Plants also demand watering, and of course, most …

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Study Linking Street Lights to Cancers Flawed

A newly released study has found a link between exposure to blue light of street lights and the incidents of breast and prostate cancers. Researchers at the Barcelona Institute of Global Health and The University of Exeter in the UK conducted the study. They published the findings in the April …

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Bluetooth and Bluetooth Mesh, Connecting Technologies that Compliment the Internet of Things (Updated)

I have had more than one non-technical person ask me about the Internet of Things. One question that I have gotten more than once is, they say something like, “The Internet of Things, that’s like when your phone connects to your speakers with Bluetooth, right?” I have to explain that …

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The TM-30-15 Standard, an Improvement Over CRI (Updated)

By Scott McMahan The Illumination Engineering Society intends to cease using CRI as metric. CRI as a standard for lighting quality has been around since 1964. The value of CRI as a standard is significantly less than what most in the general public and even many in lighting community understand. …

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