U.S. Navy Approves Energy Focus 2-Ft TLEDs for New Ship Construction

Energy Focus, Inc. of Solon, Ohio USA, reported that the U.S. Navy Naval Sea Systems Command has qualified its entire family of 2-ft. tubular LEDS (TLEDs) and fixtures for use in new construction of surface vessels. The U.S. Navy approved the use of the Energy Focus single-, double- and triple-tube 2-ft. fixtures for illumination in surface vessels on Sept. 22.

“For nearly 70 years, new vessel development has depended on only one manufacturer for fixtures,” said Dave Bina, Energy Focus Senior Vice President of Military and Maritime Sales. “Now, new ships will have a competitive choice between the legacy standards and Energy Focus’ cutting-edge LED lighting technology.”

Company Supplied LED Lighting for Naval Vessels Since 2007

In 2007, Energy Focus became the first firm to develop, qualify and install LED lighting products on Naval vessels, and since then has supplied LED lighting for every surface ship in the navy’s fleet. Through the partnership with the U.S. Navy, Energy Focus says it has developed, qualified and installed over a half-million LED lighting products, including TLEDs, floodlights, waterline security lights, HAZLOC globes and berth lights, on U.S. Navy vessels.

Energy Focus contends that its LED luminaires and lamps consume one-third less energy and weigh 25-percent less compared to the LED fixtures of the legacy manufacturer. The company points out that on naval vessels with thousands of light fixtures, its fixtures could significantly reduce unnecessary weight.

“We are very pleased to have received another critical recognition from the U.S. Navy to enable us to serve the LED lighting needs for new Navy ships,” said James Tu, CEO and President of Energy Focus. “This new family of LED lighting fixtures, with extremely competitive value proposition from quality, performance and price standpoints, will be able to address new ship construction segments of not only U.S. and foreign allied navies but also the broader commercial marine market.”

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