Larson Electronics Launches Rugged UV LED Light Source

Larson Electronics, an industrial grade lighting equipment specialist, reported the release of a 132-watt ultraviolet LED light source that offers extreme durability and high output. The new LEDLB-44E-UV-400NM ultraviolet LED light bar draws 132 watts of power from a 12-volt electrical system to produce 176 mW/cm². This light bar can operate with any voltage from 9 to 42 volts.

Larson Electronics UV LED source-LEDLB-44E-UV-400NM-PR01

The company says that numerous industrial and specialty applications can use the extremely sturdy and durable ultraviolet LED light bar including applications in commercial marine environments, as well as machine vision system lighting, heavy equipment illumination, blasting lighting, and mining operations.

The device is IP68 rated, waterproof to three meters, and is constructed of extruded aluminum with an unbreakable polycarbonate lens. It also uses aluminum mounting hardware for extreme durability and resistance to the corrosive effects of the marine environment.

The company constructed the new UV light source like all of the LEDLB-E series of lights with extruded aluminum, and the lights feature heavier housings, unbreakable polycarbonate lenses and isolated rubber mounts to enhance durability against high winds, waves, vibrations, impacts, sand, and hard rains.

Aluminum mounting blocks slide within the aluminum housing to allow users to adjust the UV light source’s positioning to match existing or user drilled mounting holes. Each mounting block features integrates a rubber bushing to absorb vibrations and shocks. The adjustable, shock insulated mounts attach to a simple, inverted u-bracket type mount.

“This new ultraviolet light bar uses LED technology that is far better in energy savings than traditional UV bulbs and do not require the special cut off lens filters,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics. “Ultraviolet lights are ideal for curing coatings and adhesives, pest management, and in germicidal applications.”

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