Tridonic Improves SLE Module Line

Tridonic of Dornbirn, Austria upgraded the LED chips of its sixth generation SLE LED modules. The company also expanded the SLE LED module’s color palette. The ART, FOOD and FASHION colors are each optimized for a particular application. Tridonic has added the TINGE light color to the previously released ART, FOOD, and FASHION colors. According to Tridonic, the newly released TINGE light color makes warm tones appear even more vibrant.

All the new module versions feature improved efficiency in high-output mode and now come with a 17 mm light emission surface. The company increased the efficiency of the LED modules up to 30 compared to the previous versions and enhanced their color rendering.

The ZHAGA compliant and dimmable LED modules for spotlights and downlights feature a 50mm package that now reportedly offers increased thermal conductivity and a more stable connection with the chip. The company also added new versions with a 17 mm light-emitting surface (LES 17) to the versions with 15 mm LES (LES 15) and 19 mm LES (LES 19). The new LES adds to the choices of emission angles for spotlights.

Flexible, Powerful, and Color Stable

With the improved efficiency of the modules, the same power consumption can achieve a higher luminous flux. Alternately, the new modules need less power to produce the same luminous flux as the predecessor modules. The latest LED modules versions are also compatible with all the drivers in the original portfolio, resulting in numerous possible combinations that designers can precisely tailor to the specific applications.

The chip upgrade has also led to improvements in the color rendering of the modules without sacrificing energy efficiency. In particular, the R9 color rendering factor has been improved. The FASHION LED module now has a color rendering index of 95, and ART features an even higher CRI of 98. Tridonic boasts that the new versions can present even saturated red tones true to life. All the modules feature high color consistency corresponding to MacAdam 3, or MacAdam 2 in the case of the special ART color.

Application-Specific Colors

The company tailored the various LED modules in the FOOD series with their different spectrums (Gold, Gold+, Meat, Fresh Meat, and Fish) to different categories of food. Under the FOOD series modules, Tridonic says that colors appear intense. Cold light tones help emphasize the freshness of seafood and fish, rich brown tones make bakery items look crustier, and warm shades of red give meat and sausages a fresh, succulent look.

ART LED modules boast what the company claims to be an unprecedented quality of light. Tridonic says that the ART LED modules provide perfect lighting for even the most demanding exhibits in art galleries, museums, and exhibitions. The firm’s full-spectrum technology used in the ART LED modules provides color rendering with an average value of all tones for color rendering index of 98.

FASHION LED modules with a 95 CRI bring the colors on fashion garments to life. Every fashion show is a highlight. Everything from subtle pastel shades to radiant white tones and brilliant colors with high color saturation present true to life. The LED modules will not bleach the colors out of exhibits even after lengthy exposure.

Tridonic added the TINGE color to the FASHION palette. The TINGE color lies just below the Planckian curve on the CIE chromaticity chart, and Tridonic says that its slightly warmer color location makes fabrics and accessories, especially multi-colored items appear more vibrant.

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