Gamma Scientific Launches Handheld Spectrometer for Light and Color Measurement

Gamma Scientific based in San Diego, California USA, has introduced the UPRtek MK350S Advanced Spectrometer. According to the company, lighting designers, manufacturers, and engineers can use the device’s powerful suite of capabilities. The instrument measures slightly larger than a mobile phone at 163 mm by 81 mm by 27 mm in depth.

The device can automatically measure, report, and store 40 different lighting parameters from light sources with output in the 380 nm to 780 nm spectral range. Measurements from the MK350S include illuminance, correlated color temperature (CCT), dominant wavelength, TM-30-15/color rendering index (CRI), color quality scale (CQS) and gamut area index (GAI), and chromaticity coordinates (CIE 1931 x,y, CIE 1976 u’,v’, and CIE 1931 XYZ).

The firm says that despite its extensive functionality, the MK350S features several user-friendly, intuitive, preprogrammed measurement modes that make easy to use. A touchscreen interface gives users access to all of the measurement modes.

The LUX-G imaging feature, for example, uses a camera video photometer to provide a visual representation of light distribution patterns in an environment, in addition to a normal view. According to the company, this visual representation offers a supporting light shape, feeling, and uniformity that a lighting designer can reference.

After a user sets output specifications with the software, production line Gamma Scientific says that production line personnel can quickly bin and rank LEDs by wavelength, or to Energy Star and ANSI C78.377 standards.

Similarly, a Compare Mode enables rapid assessment light and color output differences from two sources or against historical or previously stored data for both engineering analysis and on-line quality control. Also, a Checker Mode can be configured to offer simple pass/fail measurements of a source to user-specified criteria, such as peak wavelength, illuminance, CRI, CCT, CRI, or R9 through R15 value.

The portable device doesn’t need to connect to a computer, tablet or mobile phone to perform measurements, and can, therefore, be employed in virtually any lab, factory or field setting. The MK350S saves data to an SD card.
Alternatively, the spectrometer’s WiFi remote control capability allows users to integrate the system with other metrology instruments when desired. Gamma Scientific points out that this ability can help increase the accuracy and production efficiency of light and color measurements in a broad variety of applications.

The MK350S LED Meter comes with a hard case, protection bag, rechargeable battery, USB cable, power adapter, neck strap, and a tripod/stand bracket.

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