Seoul Semiconductor Presents Acrich COB

Seoul Semiconductor is presenting the new Acrich COB family of products at the Lighting Fair in Tokyo, Japan, from March 7- 10. The company created the new Acrich COB family to target the high-quality and high-efficiency lighting market.

These new Acrich COB products exhibited at the Lighting Fair employ the company’s Acrich technology, which is the company’s core LED technology for high-efficiency direct AC driven LEDs.

Acrich COB comes in two product lines MJT COB and AC COB. MJT COBs use integrated multi-junction technology chips. According to Seoul Semiconductor, the MJT COBs feature the world’s highest luminous efficacy of up to 168lm/W, and they come in standard form factors with a single power connection.

The AC COBs use direct AC driving technology. Seoul’s AC driving technology combines four groups of LEDs in a novel, solderable design that eliminates the external AC-DC converter. Seoul points out that removing the AC-DC converter simplifies the design and increases the lifetime of the product.

 “Seoul Semiconductor’s Acrich COB family is an entirely new LED concept, adopting its proprietary Acrich MJT technology - multi-junction LED technology and direct AC technology on a COB platform,” said Nam Ki-Bum, Chief Technology Officer of Seoul Semiconductor. “In addition to the MJT COB and AC COB line-ups, we will also be launching two enhanced COB products this year, and we are going to market them worldwide together with all our high-quality LED solutions.”

Acrich COB Family of MJT COB And AC COB LEDs


The COB family includes 6 Acrich COB products that operate off 120V and 230V AC and 11 MJT COB products ranging from 6W to 180W. Seoul Semiconductor also offers a range of solutions including optics and holders to help customers design and produce their LED luminaires. In addition, Seoul Semiconductor developed a high CRI COB for spot lighting. Such high CRI spotlights work especially well for illuminating broadcasting studios.

The firm’s MJT COB products combine multi-junction and chip-on-board technology. According to Seoul Semi, the MJT COB offers highly reliable light with excellent quality. 
The company claims that the MJT COB’s high luminous efficacy of up to 168lm/W with a junction temperature of 85°C is about 6% higher than that of existing products. The MJT COBs consume up to 40W of power, feature a CCT of 5000K, and have a CRI of 80.

Seoul Semi created the MJT COB with just 54 LED chips, compared to competing COB products that use 144 chips. The use of fewer chips translates to a significant reduction of wire bonds, which are a leading cause of defects in COB products.

An AC source of either 230V or 120V drives the AC COB product line. Seoul Semiconductor contends that because it does not require a short-lived and unreliable converter, the circuit cost can be reduced by about 25%. The company also says that not needing a converter gives it a longer lifetime and enables a smaller size.

Lighting designers can use both product lines in general lighting applications requiring a combination of high-efficiency and high-quality light for indoor and exterior lighting applications including retail, street, industrial, and commercial lighting.

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