Seoul Semiconductor Files Third Patent Lawsuit Against Distributor Mouser

Seoul Semiconductor, of Ansan, South Korea has brought its 3rd patent infringement lawsuit against Mouser for allegedly distributing infringing products from Everlight. While the previous two lawsuits were filed in Düsseldorf, Germany in 2017, this Seoul filed this latest lawsuit in Milan, Italy. (Ref. Coverage).

Specifically, this most recent lawsuit was filed in the Court of Milan against Mouser Electronics Inc., a global electronics distributor and its Italian subsidiary. The lawsuit claims that Mouser is selling certain patent-infringing Everlight products in Italy. According to the complaint, Seoul contends that Mouser should be held accountable for selling such LED products that infringe Seoul’s patent rights. Based on this claimed infringement, Seoul has asked the court for a permanent injunction, damages, withdrawal from the market, and destruction of the infringing products.

Despite the previous two lawsuits, Seoul says Mouser has continued to sell products accused of infringing its patents in other countries. Seoul says that for that reason the company launched its third patent infringement lawsuit against Mouser for the sale of infringing Everlight LED products in Italy.

Seoul to Continue Patent Litigation Against Direct Manufacturers, OEMs, and Their Distributors

Seoul indicated in a news release that the company is committed to pursuing enforcement against those that infringe its patent rights. Furthermore, Seoul says that the company plans to continue the patent litigation and expand its patent enforcement against market participants involved in suspected-infringement around the world. The company also says it will continue such infringement litigation until the alleged patent infringers cease suspected-infringement and Seoul obtains court remedies to address the harm caused by the alleged-infringement.

An official of Seoul’s IP team explained, “In order to fundamentally block distribution of suspected-infringing products, we will have to expand our enforcement efforts to include direct manufacturers, secondary product manufacturers who have purchased and used suspected-infringing components, as well as their distributors.”

He added, “For young entrepreneurs and small businesses that try to realize their dreams with a creative idea, we believe that intellectual property should be respected.”

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