Dowa Electronic Materials Develops 310nm Deep UV LED with Output up to 90mW

Dowa Holdings subsidiary Dowa Electronic Materials of Tokyo, Japan reports that the company has successfully developed a deep ultraviolet LED chip with a peak wavelength of 310 nm featuring output power of up to 90mW. The deep UV LED chip measuring 1 mm by 1 mm can be utilized for curing and skin therapy. This UV LED replaces conventional mercury and excimer lamps with a device that benefits from a longer lifetime, and improved energy efficiency.

Dowa Electronic Materials creates 90mW output, 310nm Deep UV LEDs

The company says that it has leveraged a high-quality aluminum nitride (AlN) template with unique crystal growth technology and is now ready to mass produce deep UV LED chips with a disinfection wavelength of 280 nm, which boast the world’s highest output power in the disinfection wavelength of 280 nm.

Then for the 310 nm wavelength, the company combined this technology and the fine-structured sapphire substrate developed by Oji Holdings. According to Dowa, this combination improved luminous efficiency and delivered an output power of 90mW, 20% higher than current products. The company claims that this output power is the highest in the world for the 310nm wavelength.

Dowa intends to commence mass-production of the newly developed 310nm deep ultraviolet LEDs in April 2018.

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