2018 Audi A8 Features LEDs, Optional OLEDs, and Laser Lights from Hella

The automotive lighting company Hella has created a complete lighting design for the new Audi A8 using LEDs, OLEDs, and even laser lights. According to the company, the design uses light both as a safety function and as a design element. The Audi A8 has been available on the market since November 2017.

“In collaboration with Audi, we’ve developed a comprehensive lighting package for the Audi A8. It encompasses front and rear lighting as well as the interior lighting. This once again underlines our leadership in innovation and technology regarding vehicle lighting and our orientation along key automotive market trends,” said Markus Bannert, member of the HELLA management board and responsible for the Lighting business division. “Our A8 lighting concept virtually communicates with the driver and thus increases safety and comfort at the same time.”

Hella 2018 Audi A8 LED headlight

When a driver opens the vehicle, the daytime running light will welcome the driver with a dynamic blinking sequence. The design also features Matrix LED high beam lights that each integrate 32 small, individually adjustable LEDs that emit light from two lines. With this arrangement, in addition to the variably controllable low beam in the area of the lower headlamp, Hella says that the A8 illuminates the road dynamically and precisely without blinding the people in other vehicles.

Audi A8 Features Optional Laser Lights

At speeds from 70 km/h or more, an optional laser high beam will additionally kick in automatically. And for the first time, Hella says that the laser high beam adjusts to the road and delivers better illumination in curves. Every headlamp integrates, a small laser module projecting a light beam across several hundred meters. According to Hella, the laser light is recognizable by an x-shaped cover and is emphasized with a blue ambient light.

Lateral light bands extend between the ceiling handles, Hella says that while driving the light bands create a comfortable atmosphere. Also, above the rear vehicle seats, the newly developed optional Matrix LED reading lamp offers targeted illumination.

In the A8, Hella has also devised rear combination lamps with four small vertical OLED plates that emit extremely homogenous light on all sides. When leaving and locking the vehicle, these rear combination lamps perform a unique animation sequence.

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