Sensorex Launches UVT Monitor with Crystal IS UVC LEDs

Sensorex, a Garden Grove, California-based producer of sensors for water
applications, has launched a new UVT Monitoring instrument. Sensorex evaluated
Crystal IS UVC LEDs as a replacement light source for mercury-based lamps.
Testing at Sensorex confirmed that longer lasting and brighter UVC LEDs were a
significant contribution to the Sensorex UVT monitoring system.

UVC LEDs from Crystal IS like LEDs in general can achieve full intensity
instantly. The testing revealed that the UVC LEDs with the UVT monitoring
system optimized UV disinfection dosage and prevented under- or over-dosing
water. The testing also demonstrated cost savings in the electricity usage that
totaled to more than the one-time cost of purchasing the UVT monitor.

“With Crystal IS, Sensorex can manufacture state-of-the-art sensors for
water monitoring,”
Larry Felton, CEO of Crystal IS. “Their
willingness to test and implement new light sources proves why they continue to
be a market leader.”

Crystal IS UVC LEDs employ a unique, low defect AlN substrate that the
company says delivers better spectral quality, superior light output, and
excellent reliability and lifetimes. The company contends that its UVC LEDs are
revolutionary for analytical instrumentation, environmental monitoring, and
life sciences.

“The small footprint, long lifetime and low power consumption if
Crystal IS deep UV LEDs is ideal for the UVT-LED product,”
said Dan
Shaver, new business manager at Sensorex. “This makes for a versatile
product with extremely stable readings in all conditions, over an extended

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