Portable Digital LED Display Screen Module from UBLEDs Becomes Innovative Product Award Finalist at TILS 2015

UBLeds’ new portable display screen emerged as a finalist at the Taiwan
International Lighting Show 2015. The “Portable Digital LED Display Screen
Module” integrates an LED and IC chip into single pixel packages on parallel
ribbons of RGB LEDs. The company says that the design reduces the cost of
assembling, installation and maintenance of application modules.

The thin and lightweight, curtain-like design allows the display to be
bended or rolled to pack and makes it easy to install and maintain. The energy
saving LED display uses safe DC5V low-voltage, PWM inverter-driven, low heat,
plug. The shape of the device can be altered for different applications.

The ” Portable Digital LED Display Screen Module ” can be used in commercial
or home space or can serve as a window display in an office building. It can
also provide promotional advertising messages for storefronts, shows,
exhibitions, or provide brightly colored light decoration. UBLeds says that
unlike many other portable display systems, the “Portable Digital LED Display
Screen Module” is easy for small businesses to install and doesn’t require
installation approval.

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