Samsung to Launch Onyx Brand of Cinema Solutions with Full LED Screen, Audio, and 3D

In July of 2017, Samsung introduced its Cinema LED screen for movie theaters. The screen featured a High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture quality and what the company describes as an infinite contrast ratio. Subsequently, the company brought the enormous screen (33.8 feet wide with 4K resolution) to various locations around the world. The first deployment was at a theater in Seoul, South Korea. (Ref. Coverage). The screen release was apparently Samsung just testing the waters to see how people liked the technology.

Since the release of the Cinema LED screen, the company has received increased interest from movie experts and enthusiasts.
Samsung is hoping to initiate nothing less than a revolution in the 120-year history of movie-going. For this reason, Samsung has launched the Samsung Onyx Cinema LED, a comprehensive cinema screen and sound solution for movie theaters. The official release of the new movie-going solution took place at CinemaCon 2018 in Las Vegas.

Samsung introduces Onyx brand LED cinema movie-going solution

The name comes from the black gemstone, and the brand name alludes to the Cinema LED screen’s true black colors for a detail-rich and cinema experience. Samsung says that the new movie theater solution lets movie-goers experience the next-level viewing environment. The comprehensive movie showcasing solutions of the new brand include Onyx VIEW,  3D, and SOUND.

Unlike digital projectors, Samsung Onyx View unaffected by ambient light. While turning off the lights will likely occur because that is what people are used to, it is not necessary. The company claims that VIEW supports consistent and distortion-free picture quality that hold audience attention and enhances realism.

Onyx 3D reportedly takes realism one step further to provide an immersive 3D experience.

The Onyx Sound system employs technology from JBL by Harman Professional’s sculpted surround sound system and combines it with Samsung’s proprietary audio technology to expands the audio sweet spot within a given theater and perfectly optimize the sound to fit the LED screen.

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