LumiPure Agrees to Distribute illumipure Corp. Grow Lights and Disinfecting Fixtures in Canada

LumiPure Inc. of Montreal, a producer of air purifiers, deodorizers, and sanitizers reported the beginning of a long-term agreement with illumiPure Corp. for the distribution of illumiPure’s LED lighting products within Canada. Lumipure says that the partnership will give businesses and consumers access to illumiPure’s LED technology within Canada.

“LumiPure is thrilled to be responsible for deploying the illumiPure Corp. technology within Canada. We are confident that this will be a long-lasting relationship between both companies and that the market will be extremely receptive to the advantages and solutions that we have to offer,” said Karl E. Fournier, president of LumiPure Inc.

LED grow lights are one of the numerous products from illumiPure Corp. that Lumipure will distribute. According to illumiPure Corp., its LED grow lights are perfect for horticultural growers of vegetables, fruits, micro greens, and even medical marijuana. Furthermore, illumiPure says that the viability of its technology will allow anyone, from an industrial grower to a consumer, to use the grow lights.

Efficiency (umol/W), crop yield (g/KW), and reliability are all essential traits of the company’s LED grow lights for small and large greenhouse farming. illumiPure Corp. bases its grow lights and all of its products on the company’s patented phosphor conversion technology, which applies multiple emitters in a single package.

LumiPure to Sell illumiPure Corp. TruWhite LED Disinfection Technology

Additionally, as part of the distribution agreement, LumiPure will offer the illumiPure TruWhite LED disinfection technology.

The 405nm light wavelength that the TruWhite fixture emit reportedly penetrates harmful microorganisms and it produces a chemical reaction that breaks down the molecules in the bacteria and further prohibits the growth of harmful bacteria. Examples of such bacteria that the TruWhite fixtures can sterilize include Salmonella, Listeria, Shigella, Escherichia and Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Cleaning and disinfection of public areas usually require manual routines with harsh chemicals. However, the illumiPure Corp. approach employs visible LED lighting technology to disinfect, thereby enhancing and superseding standard cleaning without any additional labor.

illumiPure Corp. reportedly fabricates their own LED chips at their facility in Houston, Texas.

“Having a partner like LumiPure Inc. allows us to expand internationally to an important market like Canada. We are now able to receive market data in real time for our TruGrow LED grow lights and our TruWhite LED disinfection technology and be accurately positioned for the Canadian market. We are confident that there is a bright future ahead with this partnership,” said John. C Higgins, president and CEO of illumiPure Corp.

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