Nichia Files Additional Patent Lawsuits

Just one day after announcing a patent lawsuit against U.S. LCD TV maker, Vizio in Texas (Ref: article), Nichia reported the filing of additional patent lawsuits, one of which is also against Vizio. Nichia said it filed a second patent infringement lawsuit against Vizio in the United States District Court for the Central District of California. The lawsuit alleges that Vizio is infringing four of Nichia’s patents related to LEDs and displays, U.S. Patents Nos. 7,855,092, 7,901,959, 7,915,631, and 8,309,375. In the California lawsuit against Vizio, Nichia seeks an injunction and damages for the alleged infringement.

Among the latest patent infringement lawsuits announcements, Nichia says on March 4, it filed several patent infringement lawsuits against Everlight Electronics (China) Co., Ltd. (“Everlight China”) and Beijing Ducheng Yiguang Electronic Devices Selling Center and other parties in Beijing Intellectual Property Court. Everlight China is a subsidiary of Taiwanese LED manufacturer Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd., and Beijing Ducheng Yiguang Electronic Devices Selling Center is Everlight’s authorized distributor.

In the Chinese lawsuits Nichia reported that it is seeking a permanent injunction and damages against defendants for their alleged infringement of its YAG related patents (Chinese Invention Patent No. 97196762.8 (“762 patent”) and Chinese Invention Patent No. 200610095837.4 (“837 patent”)). The lawsuit alleges that Everlight’s LED products 334-15/T1C1-4VXC-L(ES) and 67-21UMC/S3031/TR8/LT, which were sold in China, infringe the 762 patent and the 837 patent, and Everlight’s LED product 67-21S/KK2C-H6565M41N42936Z6/2T, which Everlight also sold in China, infringes the 762 patent.

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