BluGlass and Lumileds to Explore RPCVD Technology

BluGlass Limited of Australia reported that it has signed an exclusive collaboration agreement with Lumileds. Lumileds develops, manufactures, and distributes LEDs and automotive lighting products. The two companies plan to work together to explore the potential use of low-temperature Remote Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition (RPCVD) for specific LED applications that the agreement defines.

The agreement follows the initial collaboration of BluGlass and Lumileds (Ref: press release). BluGlass is commercializing its RPCVD technology in the LED and power electronics industries. BluGlass says it has developed patented hardware and processes aimed at the fabrication of more efficient and lower cost semiconductors. The initial terms of the collaboration are expected to continue for about six to twelve months.

Under the terms of the agreement, BluGlass will provide Lumileds exclusive use of its RPCVD technology, for the specified field stipulated in the agreement for the period of the collaboration.

The collaboration agreement does not prevent BluGlass from entering into any other agreements pertaining to the RPCVD equipment development, manufacturing or sale and does not restrict the use of RPCVD technology outside of the specific field of use in LEDs.

BluGlass noted that it is continuing its evaluation agreements in other fields of use in the fabrication of green LEDs and power electronics, and the development of RPCVD equipment.

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