Lighting Science to Add Descriptions of Potential Health Effects on Lighting Labels

Lighting Science Group announced that the company will be the first to disclose potential health risks from lighting on their packaging. Specifically, Lighting Science plans to describe how exposure to electric lights prior to bedtime may cause sleep disruption and other effects. The company is not taking this action because of government regulations or federal mandates, but because of the company’s decision to take action.

The new health effect awareness initiative is receiving broad support. Former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, Dr. Louis W. Sullivan, MD, applauded the effort. Sullivan said, “Providing helpful information to the public is important and necessary to protect and enhance the health of our citizens. Many studies have found that lighting has a significant biological effect – impacting sleep, alertness, and many other physiological functions.”

Lighting Science pointed to a 2014 Harvard Medical School research report that concluded, “the use of portable light-emitting devices immediately before bedtime has biological effects that may perpetuate sleep deficiency and disrupt circadian rhythms, both of which can have adverse impacts on performance, health, and safety.”

Fred Maxik, Lighting Science founder and chief technology officer stated, “This warning actually belongs on all light bulbs produced worldwide and we’d hope that other lighting developers and manufacturers will join us in adding similar labels to their products.”

Dr. Michael Breus, a leading authority on clinical sleep disorders noted, “Light affects our biology, our performance, and our psychology. Like any powerful medicine, we need to use caution, education, and experience in choosing what type of light is right for different situations and when is the best time to use it.”

Lighting Science partnered with NASA to design lighting that could help improve sleep patterns and the alertness of astronauts on the International Space Station.

“Lighting Science Group views our role in much broader terms than simply a traditional lighting company,” said company chairman Craig Cogut. “Our focus is the impact of lighting on health and we are using new scientific findings and technological advances as the basis for product development.”

Lighting Science’s Rhythm Series focuses on sleep improvement with biologically-oriented products including Good Night lights and the Sleepy Baby. The company pointed out that its scope of products has expanded. The new products include the Marquee Series, filament bulbs inspired by vintage designs, the Avenue Series outdoor lights for communities and roadways, and a variety of other products that address issues in wildlife protection, agriculture, and energy efficiency.