Lumileds Claims Luxeon 3535L Mid-Power LEDs Exceed All Known Light Fixture Lifetime Specifications

Lumileds reported that its Luxeon 3535 L has completed 10,000 hours of its LM-80 testing. The 10,000-hour testing was at 55˚C, 85˚C, and 105˚C. The company says that the LED exceeded lumen maintenance requirements of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® program. Also, the LED exceeded the performance qualifications of the DesignLights Consortium™ (DLC), in addition to other emerging specifications.

Lumileds Luxeon 3535L

According to Lumileds,  the TM-21-11 data project 90 percent lumen maintenance (L90) for a minimum of 60,000 hours at 200mA drive current Ts temperature of  85˚C. This result means that the Luxeon 3535 L can maintain 90 percent of its original brightness for a minimum of 60,000 hours. 60,000 hours translates to more than 6.84 years of 24 hr/day operation.

The company noted that in the past, customers expressed concerns about the long-term performance of mid-power LEDs. However, Lumileds contends that its mid-power Luxeon 3535L LEDs have demonstrated unparalleled reliability and lumen maintenance.

”Based on our experience as a leading high-power LED manufacturer, we were able to utilize our technology know-how to create the Luxeon 3535L, which has become a top choice among discerning LED lighting manufacturers,” said Rahul Bammi, vice president of product management & marketing.

Titan LED, a manufacturer of LED tubes, who recently echoed similar sentiments about the Luxeon 3535L LM-80 data. “The reliability of the Lumileds Luxeon 3535L gives me confidence to rate my products with long lifetimes. Titan LED’s customers appreciate our quality, which is why we choose Lumileds LEDs,” said Brian Hennessey, president and CEO of Titan LED of Simi Valley, California.

A variety of indoor area lighting, high bay, and low bay applications employ Luxeon 3535L mid power LEDs. The 3535L comes in a range of color temperature and CRI options that the company says are suited for applications such as downlights, troffers, low bay, and TLEDs. Also, the company offers the Luxeon 3535L packages at three performance and price levels for design flexibility—the Luxeon 3535LS, 3535L, and 3535L HE.

Please contact a Lumileds Technical Solutions Manager to obtain an LM-80 report for the Luxeon 3535L or other products. LED samples are available through Lumileds’ network of distributors.