LED Displays from Daktronics Installed at Campbell University

Campbell University chose Daktronics of Brookings, South Dakota, to manufacture a four-sided centerhung LED display system and courtside LED scorer’s tables. The University recently installed the LED displays at its Convocation Center in the Buies Creek, North Carolina campus.

LED Displays from Daktronics installed at Campbell University’s Gilbert Craig Gore Arena

“This exciting addition completes a multi-year goal that takes a beautiful Gore Arena to a new level,” said Campbell director of athletics Bob Roller. “We want to thank the Campbell alums, donors and corporate sponsors for making this happen. This will be a game-changer for the fan experience, and we look forward to working with this new model as we prepare to host the Big South Conference basketball tournament in a few short weeks.”

The centerhung offers four identical main displays in a square configuration with a display facing each side of the facility. Each six millimeter pitch main display measures more than 7 feet high by 13.5 feet wide. Daktronics says that each of the four main displays of the centerhung provide crisp, clear imagery with wide angle visibility so every seat gets an excellent view.

Variable content zoning enables each main display to show one large image or to be sectioned into multiple windows for a variety of live video, up-to-the-minute statistics, instant replays, graphics animations, game prompts, and sponsorship messages.

“We’re excited to partner with Campbell University for this video upgrade to the Convocation Center,” said Corey Williams, Daktronics sales representative. “The new video system and scorer’s tables will provide an all-encompassing event experience for Camel fans at every event. We’re looking forward to the first game and seeing the impact this system has first-hand.”

The Centerhung design has an LED ring display that circles the bottom and features 15-millimeter line spacing. The ring display measures 2 feet high by 44 feet in circumference.

Cambell University installed eight total LED scorer’s tables with four located on each sideline. Each of these 2 feet high by 9 feet wide scorer table displays features 10-millimeter line spacing.

According to Daktronics, the ring display and scorer’s table displays can highlight sponsors throughout events and show content that supplement the main displays.

“This investment in Daktronics equipment will provide sponsors the ability to connect with fans like never before,” said Kyle Sydow, Daktronics sports marketing representative. “As fans attend games and look to maximize their entertainment, sponsors will have the ability to enhance that experience for each fan. As we worked through this project, it was clear that Campbell Athletics wanted displays that provided their fans with the best experience possible, and our solution provides that experience.”

Daktronics boasts that is LED video and messaging display technology offers a long lifetime with consistent, industry-leading performance and low power consumption.

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