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Training Workshops: Light Measurement, Photometry & Photobiological Safety

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In case you missed our first announcement, we’re holding our next training workshops in our Cheltenham laboratory on March 2-4, 2016.

  • March 2: Photobiological Safety and BS EN 62471
  • March 3: Practical Photometry & Light Measurement - Part 1 (Theory)
  • March 4: Practical Photometry & Light Measurement - Part 2 (Practical)

If you are working with LEDs, displays, luminaires or lighting products of any type, joining our workshops will help you to:

  • Understand the jargon and metrics used to express light and lighting
  • Properly express the performance of your products
  • Learn how to make accurate measurements of colour and brightness
  • Create and manipulate photometric files for lighting design
  • Stay ahead of EC regulations on the photobiological safety of lighting products
  • Gain practical experience with our OPTIONAL full day of hands-on training in our laboratory

Delegates are welcome to attend any or all of the sessions over the three days.

Yours sincerely

Dr Gareth John

Photometric & Optical Testing Services LLP
Photobiological Safety & EN 62471
Next workshop: 2 March 2016
Fee - 1 day theory & practical: £450 + VAT

This one day workshop has been designed to provide an overview of BS EN 62471 and photobiology, how the standard is implemented, to what it applies and the impact of legislation upon those in the business of making and supplying lighting products. The theory and practicalities of photobiological safety measurements will be explained. You’ll perform live measurements and calculate a lamp’s risk group in accordance with EN 62471. We’ll also explain the legislative framework so that you know what you need to do to comply with the regluations.

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Photometry, LIght & Colour Measurement
Next workshop: 3 & 4 March, 2016
Fee - 1 day theory or 1 day practical: £450 + VAT
Fee - 2 days theory & practical combined: £850 + VAT

Let’s face it, the language of photometry and light measurement can be confusing. Not only that, lighting and LED specifications are often mistrusted or simply misunderstood. Our workshop on Practical Photometry, Light & Colour Measurement helps those working with lighting understand optical specifications, learn how to separate truth from fiction and how to measure and express the output of LEDs, luminaires and other lighting products. With the knowledge gained in this workshop, delegates will be equipped to specify lighting products correctly, measure product colour and brightness accurately, understand photometric data files and communicate effectively both with suppliers and customers. Overall, you gain a competitive advantage in your job and for your company.

A practical training session is offered on the third day where delegates can put the knowledge gained on the previous day into practice with a full day of hands-on experience with the latest, state-of-the art measurement equipment in our Cheltenham photometric laboratory.

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About Photometric Testing
We are an independent lighting and optical test laboratory and your partner for testing LEDs, luminaires, lamps, displays, signs and vehicle lighting. From standard photometric data to photobiological safety testing, from training courses in light measurement to developmental testing of new products, let Photometric Testing save you time and money and help you to bring the next generation of ultra efficient lighting products to market more quickly. We provide training in light measurement, photobiological safety and laser safety and offer measurement services for characterising the optical properties of materials - such as reflectance, transmittance, colour and BRDF / BTDF scatter.
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