Everlight Opens New Tongluo Factory for Automotive Component Production

Everlight based in Shulin, New Taipei City, Taiwan, has invested $300 million US dollars for it new Tongluo factory to produce automotive optoelectronic components. The company began expanding its automotive component production in 2014. Today, Everlight supplies automotive products for all LED-based vehicle applications for both interiors and exteriors.

The company notes that all of its automotive LED products have passed the corrosive gas tests for SO2, H2S, NO2, and CL2, etc. And the products and are sulfur resistant. Thus, Everlight contends that failures due to exposure to sulfur can be reduced including those that reduce brightness, change color coordinates, increase voltage, or cause other malfunctions.

Everlight says it also knows very well about the high-standard quality requirements for all aspects of products in an automotive factory. For this reason, starting in 2015, Everlight invested a substantial sum of money in the construction of the new Tongluo factory.

The new factory concept combines and automated optical inspection (AOI) to bridge the divide between production and warehousing. The company also introduced RFID (Radio Frequency
Identification) to aid the manufacturing execution system (MES) in process control.

All products will get an engraved laser code before die bonding to enable tracking of the in-process and post-process status of the product. In addition, Everlight examined the floor routes to optimize the movement of components from one area to another.

Everlight-Tongluo factory equipment (top left to right) die bonding, wire bonding, plasma cleaning (bottom left to right) automatic encapsulation, automatic testing, tapping

With the company’s integration of optimized floor routes, AOI, and the MES, etc., Everlight reduced the human resources required for the Tongluo Factory and lessened the logistic processes to maximize the production efficiency.

According to Everlight, the result of these efficiency improvements is a production capacity up to 200 million components per month while continuously pursuing high quality.

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