BluGlass to Parter with SemiTek on LEDs

Australian company BluGlass Limited announced that it will partner with HC SemiTek, a leading Chinese LED chip manufacturer. BluGlass and HC SemiTek will collaborate to will explore low-temperature deposition of Aluminum Nitride (AlN) to use in high brightness LEDs and review the RPCVD advantages for green LEDs. Through the collaborative agreement, HC SemiTek will supply 4-inch wafers to BluGlass. HC SemiTek will then fabricate the LED devices for testing.

Through the agreement, BluGlass intends that its system demonstrates for HC SemiTek the cost and performance advantages of its remote plasma chemical vapor deposition (RPCVD) for low-temperature deposition of p-GaN for the production of green LEDs. The companies also plan to explore the use of the low-temperature deposition of aluminium nitride (AlN) on sapphire substrates for the fabrication of in high-brightness LEDs.

The technology of BluGlass called Remote Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition (RPCVD) is a unique low-temperature manufacturing platform. BluGlass says that it can deposit critical semiconductor materials at lower temperatures that result in better performing devices such as LEDs and power electronics at a lower cost. BluGlass points out that it holds patents in key semiconductor markets including the US, China, Europe, and Japan.

BluGlass Managing Director Giles Bourne said, “It is fantastic to see the commercial interest building in the RPCVD technology capability. We now have three industry evaluations in place with companies that have respected leadership positions in their relative markets. This forms part of our key strategy to complete our industry acceptance phase as we progress towards commercialising our proprietary RPCVD technology.”

The companies expect the development to take several iterations to demonstrate the performance capability. SemiTek will use BluGlass’ new RPCVD chamber designed to improve the uniformity of the RPCVD deposition to fabricate LEDs. SemiTek expects to commission BluGlass RPCVD chamber system in the coming months. The companies work together to refine the process so that the BluGlass system can manufacture efficient high-brightness green and white LEDs at low cost.

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