SETi and Seoul Viosys Launch MOSCLEAN Mosquito Trap

Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. (SETi) and Seoul Viosys have introduced the MOSCLEAN, a new mosquito trap that Seoul Viosys says captures more than ten times as many mosquitos as conventional traps. The MOSCLEAN attracts mosquitos using ultraviolet LEDs from SETi called violeds™ that emit light in a targeted spectral range. Seoul Viosys notes that independent research studies have proven the MOSCLEAN mosquito trap to be highly effective on Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti mosquitos, both of which were recently linked to the transfer of the Zika virus. Seoul Viosys is now selling the MOSCLEAN on for $34.95.

Philip Koehler, Ph.D., University of Florida, recently confirmed compared to traditional UV traps, independent testing revealed that the violeds™ MOSCLEAN consistently demonstrated better performance in eliminating the Aedes aegypti, a mosquito that is known to transmit the Zika virus. “These groundbreaking results are very exciting and could aid in the control and reduction of transmitting this debilitating disease,” stated Dr. Koehler.

Dr. Daniel Rubinoff at the University of Hawaii conducted independent research studies that proved that the violeds™ MOSCLEAN was exceptionally effective on all species of mosquitos. Seoul Viosys pointed out that these laboratory studies combined with real-world tests revealed that the MOSCLEAN trapped more mosquitos than conventional lamp-based mosquito traps. Dr. Rubinoff stated, “The MOSCLEAN is amazing technology that uses special LEDs programmed to emit light, which is most favored by Aedes albopictus, the vector mosquito of Zika virus.”

“By attracting and trapping more mosquitos than conventional mosquito traps, the MOSCLEAN may lead to a dramatic turning point in the spread of viruses such as Zika,” continued Dr. Rubinoff.

Traditional mosquito control solutions employ an ultraviolet “black light” bulb to attract mosquitos into a high voltage metal grid that zaps the insects. Convention mosquito control solutions also include expensive carbon dioxide traps and harmful chemical sprays. However, the MOSCLEAN uses LEDs instead of a traditional UV “black light” bulb, making it safe, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective, with no need to replace the bulb.

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