NEC Display Solutions Acquires German LED Display Firm S[quadrat]

The Display Solutions branch of Japanese firm NEC has acquired German company S[quadrat], a supplier of LED display systems. NEC Display Solutions said in the related news release that the acquisition helps the company expand its display technology portfolio to include complete LED systems for indoor (fine pitch) and outdoor solutions which were designed and engineered in Germany.

S[quadrat] boasts over 30 years’ experience in the AV industry, and NEC says that the acquisition positions it as a leading visual solutions provider. The company also says that the acquisition supports a more consultative market approach that focuses on understanding customer challenges and vertical industry opportunities.

The new acquisition is expected to allow the firm to integrate and further develop its LED solutions and also continue to develop its professional services. According to the company, the acquisition will also allow it to offer end-to-end visualization services to its customers along with its premium display technology.

NEC Sees Growing Demand for Large-Screen Signage, Advertising, and Infotainment

The company points to what it describes as a clear growing demand from a variety of industries for large-screen signage, advertising, and infotainment. Also the company gives examples including retailers seeking to enhance in-store marketing as well as outdoor branding and advertising and transportation companies needing bigger passenger information displays. The company says that other growth areas in the large display market include applications for control rooms, and corporate conferencing environments.

NEC says that over the past three years it has promoted the S[quadrat] product portfolio across all major markets. S[quadrat] has reportedly developed a reputation for state-of-the art LED display systems that offer pioneering sets of features with high operating safety. Furthermore, S[quadrat] is known to pairs these displays with high-quality components engineered in Germany.

NEC Customers to Benefit from Improved Service Offerings

NEC said that with the acquisition its customers can now benefit from a long-term LED expertise and enhanced service offerings such as its Visualization as a Service, which offers a holistic project sales support, especially for complex installations such as design, planning, installation, and after-sales support for long-term operation.

Hisatsugu Nakatani, President, NEC Display Solutions, Ltd. said, “NEC is offering the broadest visual solutions portfolio in the industry and is seen as a trusted advisor and total solutions provider. The acquisition of the S[quadrat] business will enable NEC to bring even greater value and benefits to our customers and partners by extending the service offerings. S[quadrat] and NEC follow the same strategic direction, focusing on high customer satisfaction performed by high-quality products, sales leadership excellence, and intense customer relationship building.”

Andreas Brockschmidt, sales and marketing director, S[quadrat] GmbH said, “With our highly skilled expert team and long-term experience within the field of indoor and outdoor LED systems, we can offer professional and specialized added value and leverage the scale and value proposition to the NEC channel partners with service offerings like project planning, installations and maintenance.”


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