YUNGU Technology Orders Orbotech AOI Solutions for Flexible OLED Gen 6 Fab

Orbotech Ltd. of Yavne, Israel a supplier of yield-enhancing and process-enabling solutions for the fabrication of electronics, reported that YUNGU (Gu’an) Technology Co., LTD has selected its end-to-end automated optical inspection (AOI) solutions for its new flexible OLED Gen 6 fab. Visionox, a Chinese flat panel display (FPD) producer supported the project. The deal includes a large number of Orbotech AOI systems to inspect and classify TFT (thin-film transistor) Array and OLED-related layers. The new Gen 6 fab is in Gu’an Hebei, China. Delivery is scheduled for the beginning of 2018.

The order included the Orbotech Quantum™ Flex series, which Yungu intends to use to resolve issues that producers typically encounter with processes for fabricating flexible OLED displays.

Orbotech points out that the production method required for flexible OLED panels is more complex and sophisticated than the process needed for LCD panel production. The Orbotech solution can simultaneously inspect each panel multiple times during the same scan employing different modalities, including alternative angles and various light wave lengths. Each modality offers an additional perspective in examining the pattern, and enables broader coverage of patterns, materials, and defect types. The solution includes novel technologies that address the demands of inspecting flexible OLED panels.

Orbotech says its Quantum™ Flex series inspection solution increases production yields and provides inspection and classification for added OLED-related layers. Furthermore, the company says it offers full coverage of both Micro and Macro inspection including examination of layer thickness and measurement of defect height and can pinpoint the location of defects within a stack of TFE (thin-film encapsulation) layers. Also, the system can operate in an N2 environment.

“We are pleased to work with Orbotech and to implement its flexible OLED display inspection solutions,” said Mr. Ming Zhang, Vice President of YUNGU (Gu’an) Technology Co., LTD. “We expect that the implementation of Orbotech solutions in our new Gen 6 fab in Gu’an Hebei will contribute to our reputation for producing superior flexible OLED display products.”

“We are happy to collaborate with Visionox to provide our state-of-the-art advanced yield management solutions for flexible OLED displays,” said Mr. Edu Meytal, president of Orbotech Pacific Display. “We believe that our end-to-end AOI solutions will contribute significantly to the success of production processes for electronic personal devices.”

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