Advanced TeknoLEDs Introduces Direct AC, Wide-Spectrum and Linear LED Light Engine Optimized for Horticulture

Advanced TeknoLEDs of Melville, New York USA, has introduced a new and entirely customizable, LED lighting solution to their lineup. The linear LED light engine, designated S050-11P5L-30L3, can be utilized in a broad range of color configurations including those optimized for horticultural lighting. The company says that the LED light engine’s innovative design requires no bulky power supply. Also, as a dimmable, system-level product, it can be powered directly from the AC line.

According to Advanced TeknoLEDs, S050-11P5L-30L3 provides a comprehensive and thoroughly integrated LED lighting solution for agricultural and architectural lighting applications and fixtures. The light engine performs best on rigid and thermally conductive substrates that need mounted linear arrays.

Advanced TeknoLEDs S050-11P5L-30L3 Integrates Several Features

The design includes integrated features such as current limiting, thermal turn-down, and voltage shutdown protection circuitry.
Also, the company boasts that the light engine offers impressive performance for distributed light source applications. Furthermore, Advanced TeknoLEDs says the smaller format grants significant flexibility in making creative lighting fixtures at much lower cost.

Like the previously announced S030-38POL-56L2 light engine, designers can link the new S050-11P5L-30L3 light engines together, allowing the user to create luminaires with much higher intensity. The device achieves efficacies of up to 110 lumens per watt (LPW).

The linear LEDs have CCTs ranging from 3000K (warm white) to 5000K (cool white) with a minimum CRI of 80. It works with most leading and trailing edge Triac dimmers. Horticultural and architectural lighting, as well as in troffers, high and low bay luminaires, and wall wash fixtures can utilize the linear LEDs in horticultural and architectural lighting, as well as in troffers, high and low bay luminaires, and wall wash fixtures. The company welcomes the light engine’s use in custom applications.

In addition to the 3000K to 5000K whites, the linear LED light engine comes in red, orange-red, PC-Amber, Lime, Green, Blue, and Royal Blue. Additional colors for horticulture include colors with HC designation such as Purple with 2.5% blue, Purple with 12.5% blue, Purple with 25% blue, HC Royal Blue, and HC Lime.  Also, the firm lets designers select a custom mixture of colors upon request.

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