Watchfire and YESCO Collaborate on Digital Billboards

Watchfire Signs of Danville, Illinois USA, and YESCO have agreed to collaborate on some high-profile digital sign projects. These collaborations include two high-resolution digital billboards in St. George, Utah. The company recently chose Watchfire Signs to produce two 16mm pitch, 14-foot by 48-foot digital billboards positioned on Interstate 15 near the Dixie Center, a prominent convention location in St. George. The billboards, which were installed this August and September, feature local business ads and the ad space is nearly sold out.

YESCO previously ran an electronic sign business that directly competed with Watchfire. In some ways the companies are similar. Watchfire started out as a family-owned business, but YESCO still is, even after it sold the company’s electronic display manufacturing business in 2015.

When the two were competitors before this sale, a display project such as this would have been inconceivable. Now that YESCO no longer produces electronic displays, Watchfire has become a key part of the company’s approach to become the most prestigious electronic display integrator.

“As YESCO transitioned from manufacturing electronic displays to purely integration, we were excited to explore new options and our first move was to contact Watchfire Signs,” said Rod Wardle, vice president/electronics at YESCO. “Watchfire has a magnificent reputation for manufacturing highly reliable displays, and we have been really happy with the new relationship.”

In addition to the two billboards, the company contracted Watchfire to creating a new display for financial services firm Security National, in Salt Lake City. The 12’6” by 21’6’’, 16mm pixel pitch display offers crisp, clear images in the high traffic location.

Darrin Friskney, vice president at Watchfire Signs commented, “Rod and I joked about how unlikely this partnership would have felt just a few years ago, but we’re delighted that they’ve put their trust in us for both the billboard and on-premise businesses. We’re looking forward to a long relationship with YESCO.”

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