Volkswagen Concept with OLED Lights Unveiled at Paris Motor Show

German car maker, Volkswagen unveiled a new electric concept vehicle at the 2016 Paris Motor Show on September 28. The new Volkswagen concept sedan, dubbed the Volkswagen I.D., is the company’s first to be powered by its new Modular Electrification Kit (MEB). Among the distinctive features of the new car are its LED/OLED headlights. The headlights are comprised of an OLED strip surrounding LED-based emission from a U-shaped configured light guide. The auto also has the unique LED-backlit Volkswagen logo on the hood. The design also includes OLED-based rear lights that form strips that wrap around the rear contours.

(See video of Volkswagen concept car from the 2016 Paris Motor Show below)

The sleek looking vehicle sports an elegantly curved roof rising almost seamlessly from the from a heavily swept back front windshield. The rear of the car features a more conventional hatchback slope to accommodate the full-sized rear seating.

The sporty tires have white, five-pronged hubcaps that mostly conceal the black rubber of the tires. The edges of the deep wheel wells extend aerodynamically towards where the tires meet the road. Overall the sedan offers a bold and sleek new look.

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