Cree Launches New RGB LEDs for Gaming

Durham, North Carolina-based Cree, Inc. announced new side-view LEDs optimized for the gaming industry. The QLS6A and QLS6B LEDs boast the industry’s highest lumen output for side-view LEDs used in gaming applications. Cree claims that the LEDs deliver up to 66 percent higher luminous intensity than other side-view LEDs on the market. The packaged LEDs can also be used in full-color video screens, displays, signage, and decorative lighting applications.

The design of the LEDs reportedly enables the PCB boards to be stacked. This stackability of the PCB boards minimizes the obstruction of the background image in clear screens. For this reason, the company says that the new side-view packaged LEDs enable clearer image displays that create a greater visual impact for a better gaming experience in slot, pachinko, and other video gaming machines.

“Cree’s new QLS6A and QLS6B LEDs allow us to deliver a superior gaming experience to our customers and also to simplify our design and manufacturing processes,” said Motoaki Masaki, Optoelectronic Communication Technology Development Division Head, Energy Business Office, NAGASE & Co., Ltd. “The LEDs deliver high brightness and excellent far-field pattern and color mixing in an innovative compact package that does not block the background image. Additionally, the pin configuration and size of the LEDs simplify design, providing greater control and simplifying the manufacturing process.”

The QLS6B and QLS6A deliver a typical luminous intensity of 2493 and 2060 millicandela (mcd), respectively. Cree’s innovative and patented package with a shallow cavity maximizes light output and enables better color mixing, the RGB (red-green-blue) of the QLS6A and QLS6B LEDs. The packages also feature anode and cathode pins for each color to simplify design and provide greater control.

The red of the QLS6A-FKW and QLS6B-FKW LEDs range from 619-624nm in wavelength, the green, 520-540nm, the blue, 460-480 nm. The color LED die within both LEDs are powered by 14, 12, and 16 mA drive current respectively. Forward voltage for the LED chips is 2.1, 3.0, and 3.1 V respectively. The typical luminous intensity for each of the color chips within the LED range from 900 to 2800 mcd. The QLS6B has a somewhat higher lumen intensity of 2493 instead of the 2060 mcd for the QLS6A.

“Cree continues to invest in innovations that matter to our customers,” said Dave Emerson, vice president and general manager for Cree LEDs. “Everything about the new QLS6A and QLS6B LEDs, from the innovative package to the performance to the binning of the LEDs, enables our customers to more easily deliver a better product to their customers.”

The company bins both the QLS6A and QLS6B LED full white to simplify the design. The QLS6A LED comes with the same design as the QLS6B with the addition of a Zener diode for enhanced ESD protection. Both lead-free and ROHS compliant LED packages have a moisture sensitivity of Level 3.

Product samples are now available production quantities are available with standard lead times.

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