Universal Display to Supply UniversalPHOLED Materials to BOE Technology Group

Universal Display Corporation of Ewing, New Jersey USA reported the signing of long-term OLED Agreements with BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. Under the terms of the agreements, UDC will supply its UniversalPHOLED® phosphorescent OLED materials to BOE Technology for use in its products. The supply of the phosphorescent OLED materials will come from UDC’s wholly-owned subsidiary UDC Ireland Limited.

A broad spectrum of applications utilize BOE’s display products including mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, and monitors, as well as TV, vehicle displays, digital information displays, healthcare, finance, and wearable devices.

“We are extremely pleased to extend our strong partnership with BOE Technology, and enter into these long-term agreements,” said Steven V. Abramson, president and CEO of Universal Display. “BOE has paved extraordinary paths in the display market, fortified its position as a leading global manufacturer and propelled China to be a major force in the display landscape.”

Abramson further commented, “Continuing to stretch the frontiers of the extraordinarily dynamic display industry, BOE recently commenced mass production of China’s first Gen 6 flexible AMOLED production line in Chengdu, and its other Gen 6 flexible AMOLED line in Mianyang is slated for production in 2019. As a key enabler of highly-efficient, cost-effective and proprietary phosphorescent OLED technology and material solutions, we look forward to further strengthening our innovative collaborations with BOE.”

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