SOI Skincare Releases Senna Forever Home-based LED Light Therapy Device

Dermatologists have devised numerous solutions for improving your skin and even turning back the clock temporarily. One thing that these solutions ranging from topical creams, lifts, and fillers, have in common is that they are only temporary and they must be paid for again and again. While no solution yet devised is permanent, SOI Skincare has created Senna Forever, a home device that can continue to improve skin again and again after a one time upfront cost.

SOI Skincare releases Senna Forever, an LED light therapy device that can be used at home

No more $50-$300 treatments three times a week at a clinic. No surgery. According to the company, a one-time purchase can suffice for helping to attain better looking, healthier, and more radiant skin. The LED light facial therapy device can now create better skin at home. Like spa and clinic, the results are gradual. However, SOI Skincare contends that the positive results are easier to maintain because the device is merely boosting your body’s natural ability.

Senna Forever LED Light Therapy Works Two Ways

The LED light therapy works on two levels. Blue light kills acne-causing bacteria, and red and infrared light stimulates new cell growth and collagen. Collagen is a natural protein that helps to diminish wrinkles, blemishes, redness, skin pigments, and damaged skin tissue. Therefore, the company says that using Senna Forever will help to give the skin a healthy glow and a smooth tone while reducing wrinkles, adding moisture to the skin, stimulating hair re-growth, reducing redness and broken capillaries, speeding the healing of blemishes such as acne and rosacea, and overall giving the face a beautiful complexion.

Unlike many skin tightening treatments that require downtime to achieve the desired results, with LED light therapy needs no downtime. The result is just gradually improved skin. The company asserts that the device serves as a perfect skincare solution for those with busy schedules.

LED light therapy has been proven to help clear up your complexion, reduce fine lines, and tighten skin. Women everywhere have benefited from LED light therapy for reducing stretch marks. However, the technology had to become affordable and reliable and powerful enough for it to reach the consumer market.

Senna Forever created this FDA class II medical device which offers a lifetime warranty on its products for problems resulting from manufacturing and craftsmanship defects. The company claims that the at-home device pays for itself by saving money on a clinic or spa’s per treatment costs. Furthermore, the company says that scientifically tested and proven technology can be taken home for less than the cost of a spa treatment. Also, the Senna Forever product is supported by dermatologists and plastic surgeons. The product costs about $300.

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