Unity Opto Licenses Phosphor Conversion Patents from Osram for Production of White LED Packages

Osram GmbH reports that it has granted Unity Opto Technology Co. Ltd of Taiwan, a royalty-bearing license to produce white LED packages. The license will allow Unity Opto to manufacture the white LED packages made from blue LEDs with phosphor conversion technology covered by Osram core patents. This technology is widely used in the LED industry for the generation of white light.

Osram points out that the license agreement with Unity Opto follows numerous license agreements between Osram and other makers of white LED packages. According to Osram, 20 globally active LED producers are licensed under its core LED patents.

Osram and Unity Opto have also agreed to dismiss the pending patent litigation that Osram brought in Germany against Unity Opto’s customer ASUS. The District Court in Düsseldorf awarded Osram an injunction and found that ASUS had to compensate Osram for damages from the patent infringement.

Dieter Boss, Osram head of licensing said, “Osram has built up a very strong patent position. We welcome Unity Opto as a licensee under our White LED License Program. To LED producers not licensed by Osram but still making use of our patents, we would like to send the message that Osram will continue to vigorously enforce its patents.”

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