STG Aerospace Gets FAA Approval for saf-Tglo® blu Emergency Floorpath Marking System

STG Aerospace, a manufacturer of aircraft cabin lighting, reported that it secured FAA approval for saf-Tglo® blu across the majority of Boeing, Embraer, and Airbus aircraft types. The company claims that saf-Tglo® blu is the first blue glowing photoluminescent emergency floor path marking system for aircraft.

APEX (Airline Passenger Experience Association) recently awarded the saf-Tglo® blu from STG Aerospace the prestigious title of ‘Best Cabin Innovation of 2016’. The floor path marking system will soon to be added to the options catalog for major OEM programs, and this FAA approval allows airlines that meet FAA regulations to install the system.

STG contends that saf-Tglo® blu will transform how airlines accomplish emergency way guidance.
The saf-Tglo® blu comes with the same choice of base colors to match the carpet and interior color scheme as the original saf-Tglo® range. The blue version introduces a soothing blue glow in place of the original green glow.  The blue color also works with an airline’s branding and the latest LED lighting for modern aircraft.

Proven saf-Tglo® Technology

The saf-Tglo® blu, which uses the proven technology of its original saf-Tglo® photoluminescent range, is available in the company’s SuperSeal UltraLite® (SSUL) system that STG contends is the lightest, narrowest and highest performing photoluminescent system available for emergency floor path marking. According to STG, the simplicity of its design and its 100% maintenance free reliability with no lifetime limit ensures significant operational savings for airlines.

Dr. Sean O’Kell, Director of Innovation at STG Aerospace, commented, saf-Tglo® blu is the first blue glowing photoluminescent system to have ever been approved for any aircraft application. Following the EASA approval last year, we’re delighted we now have FAA certification for the leading aircraft types, and we are already seeing significant interest in the product from both OEMs and airlines across the globe.”

At the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg on April 4th – 6th 2017, STG Aerospace will showcase the saf-Tglo® blu.

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