Cree Introduces XLamp XP-G3 Royal Blue

Cree, Inc., headquartered in Durham, North Carolina USA, announced the new XLamp® XP-G3 Royal Blue LED to add to the company’s high-powered LED portfolio. According to Cree, the new XP-G3 Royal Blue LED doubles the maximum light output of competing, similar size LEDs. Also, the company says that the XP-G3 provides wall-plug efficiency of up to 81 percent. The XP-G3 Royal Blue LED is suitable for horticulture, architectural and entertainment lighting.

Horticultural Reference Design

Cree used a combination of the new XP-G3 Royal Blue and the previously launched P-E High Efficiency Photo Red LED in a new horticulture reference design that achieves a Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF) efficiency of up to 3.2 μmol/J at steady-state.

The company claims that this PPF efficiency is over 50 percent higher than the conventional high-pressure sodium grow lights. At its 2A maximum current and 85 degrees C junction temperature, the XP-G3 Royal Blue LED provides up to 3402 mW radiant flux, which translates to 13 μmol/s PPF.

“Our newest horticulture-optimized products help lighting manufacturers push LED horticulture systems into mainstream use,” said Dave Emerson, Cree LEDs senior vice president and general manager. “Cree’s high power LED technology provides the best combination of photon output, efficiency, and reliability to drive the replacement of outdated high-pressure sodium lights with LED lighting solutions that minimize power consumption and maximize crop yield.”

Ceramic High Power LED Technology and Same 3.45 mm XP Footprint

The company built the XP-G3 Royal Blue LED with its ceramic high-power technology. Cree claims this ceramic high power LED technology can deliver excellent lifetimes even at the extreme temperature of 105 degrees C.

Additionally, the new XP-G3 Royal Blue LED features the same footprint as Cree’s other XP products. So, horticulture lighting makers can immediately take advantage of the broad range of drivers and optics proven to work with the company’s other 3.45 mm footprint XP products.

Samples of the new XP-G3 Royal Blue LEDs are now available, and production quantities are available with standard lead times. For more about Cree’s horticulture LEDs or the new reference design, visit

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