Sony to Debut Ultra-fine LED Display Technology

Sony has launched a new type of LED display. Conventional LED displays that are just LED backlit or employ thousands of RGB surface mounted LEDs close together. However the new system uses what Sony is calling ultra-fine LEDs that are interspersed on a black surface. The tiny RGB LEDs measure just 0.003 m2 in area. About 99 percent of the screen is black while the remaining one percent is made up of the minuscule LED pixels.

This black background enables a higher contrast ratio than conventional LED displays and billboards. (1000000:1).
The company calls this technology Crystal LED Inegrated Structure (CLEDIS). Sony contends that its Crystal LED Integrated Structure (CLEDIS) technology enables a viewing experience that is better than a display with even the highest-end conventional array of LEDs. The technology has a viewing angle of nearly 180 degrees.

“It’s a new type of canvas for limitless flexibility and creativity in public spaces and high-end visual entertainment,” said Kevin O’Connor, senior manager, sales and marketing, visual simulation and entertainment at Sony Electronics. “Compared to the technologies currently available for large-scale display, it’s a leap forward in depth, contrast, color, resolution – and pure visual impact.”

The display can support High Dynamic Range (HDR) content, which produces images with 10-bit color depth and a wide color gamut that is 140% the width of the sRGB color gamut.

The scalable system is comprised of multiple display units. Each unit measures 18×16 inches. These units can be joined together without bezels for a screen of virtually unlimited size. Each panel has 320 x 360 ultra-fine RGB LEDs.

Sony drives the tiny LEDs with its unique pixel drive circuitry. The system boasts a fast video response with a frame rate of 120fps. According to Sony, such high frame rates are critical for sports, concerts, or training simulations, in which users need to present large- screen visuals without motion artifacts or delay.

Sony expects to sell the systems to places that want the best quality large indoor displays possible,  sports venues, concert halls, and theme parks.

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