Research Company Chooses Veeco MOCVD System for Nanowire UV-C LEDs

Plainview, New York-based Veeco Instruments Inc. announced that CrayoNano AS has purchased Veeco’s Propel® Power Gallium Nitride (GaN) Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) System. According to Veeco, CrayoNano, a developer of ultraviolet short wavelength UV-C LEDs, plans to use the system to grow semiconductor nanowires on graphene. The company intends to use the nanowire UV-C LEDs for food processing, water disinfection, air purification, and life science applications.

CrayoNano orders Veeco’s Propel Power Gan MOCVD system for fabrication of nanowire UV-C LEDs on Graphene

Veeco notes that UV-C LEDs do not contain harmful mercury, unlike tradition UV lamps that typically have between 20 and 200 milligrams of mercury. Also, UV-C LEDs consume less electricity and have longer life cycles than other purification and disinfection lighting methods.

System Can Process 8-Inch Wafers or Smaller in Batch Mode

Veeco’s Propel Power GaN MOCVD system can of process single 200 mm (8-inch) wafers or smaller (e.g., two-inch) in batch mode. The system employs Veeco’s TurboDisc® technology including the IsoFlange™ and SymmHeat™ technologies that Veeco says provide homogeneous laminar flow and a uniform temperature profile across each wafer with sizes to 200 mm.

Mr. Morten Froseth, CEO of CrayoNano said, “Veeco’s Propel system offers us the unique opportunity to scale to 200 mm graphene wafer sizes while maintaining superior uniformity, low manufacturing costs and long run campaigns.”

“The Propel Power GaN system is the best choice to deposit advanced GaN-based structures, including complex semiconductor nanowires on graphene substrates with strict process demands,” said Peo Hansson, Ph.D., Veeco’s Senior vice president, general manager, MOCVD.

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