Everlight Introduces EL Micro Multi and EL Multi Color LEDs for Automotive Interiors

Taiwan-based Everlight Electronics launched the EL Micro Multi (1216) and EL Multi Color (2525) series with two and four chips in ceramic packages. The company designed the LED series specifically for ambient lighting applications in a vehicle’s interior.

Everlight EL Micro Multi Series

Everlight EL Micro Multi Series LED for automotive interiors

The SMD ceramic package of the EL Micro Multi Series measures 1.2mm by 1.6 mm by 0.7mm. According to Everlight, the MSL1 rated package is the currently smallest dual color package in the market. The product combines a cool white 6000K chip with a warm white 2700K chip. The LED enables separate control of the two different chips to mix the color temperature according to preference.

Everlight says that this individual chip control allows a custom color combination of two colors such as warm white (2700K) combined with yellow, red, green, or blue. In both cool (6000K) and warm (2700K) white the LED delivers a brightness of 20lm at a driving current of 80mA. At this current, the device features ESD protection of 8kV, and it can operate at temperatures ranging from -40°C to +110°C.

Everlight says that the two-chip EL Micro Multi Series is available at a price that meets the budget needs of automotive original (1216) equipment vendors.

Everlight EL Multi Color Series

Everlight EL Multi Color Series LED for automotive interiors

The other newly introduced LED model, the EL Multi Color Series has a 2.5mm by 2.5mm by 0.75mm ceramic MSL1 rated SMD package with a gold plated leadframe for resistance to sulfur. The EL Multi Color is comprised of four different chips for either RGBW or RGBY color combinations.

This LED model benefits from four individual chips and mixed phosphor design of white color. According to Everlight, this design avoids luminous decay of each chip and creates uniform light and offers better overall performance for applications. EL Multi Color can control the brightness of each chip separately, and mix colors. The viewing

The viewing angle of the EL Multi Color is 140 degrees, and its ESD protection is 8kV. The EL Multi Color 4-chip package meets the requirements of automotive original equipment vendors looking for higher performance than regular budget EL Micro Multi Series 2-chip packages.

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