RayVio Ships New 280nm XD and XR Series UV-C LEDs with 10,000 Hour Lifetime

Hayward, California firm, RayVio Corp., is volume shipping its new, 280nm XD mid-power and XR high-power UV-C LEDs.
The company points out that its new 280nm UV-C LEDs boast a 10,000 hour lifetime. Both the XD and XR Series come as standard 3535 emitters or mounted on star boards for test development and product integration. Both Series of UV-C LEDs are in-stock at Digi-Key.

RayVio XR Series 200 UV-C LEDs — alone and on star board

The XD and XR series are available from Digi-Key as emitters or on star boards. Both feature a nominal drive current of 100mA, and they can be over or under driven to optimize for power or lifetime. XD Series offers a typical output of 3-5 mW. Whereas, the XR Series delivers a typical output of 6-18+ mW.

Lifetime Ratings Data Available

RayVio is also introducing documented lifetime ratings at multiple currents for both the XD and XR LEDs. The lifetime ratings data lets designers create solutions that optimize performance, lifetime, and reliability for their particular applications. According to RayVio, at all available drive currents, its UV-C LEDs have demonstrated Sterility Assurance Levels of 99.9999% and can be applied to applications including surface and water disinfection and medical-grade sterilization.

“We are excited to have RayVio as our exclusive provider of UV-C LEDs and recognize their continuing leadership in the industry for both lifetime and performance,” said Nick Olson, manager, Semiconductor Product Group at Digi-Key Electronics. “We are already stocking both the XD and XR Series and are well equipped to help our customers from a technical standpoint as the demand for UV-C continues to grow!”

“These are the most cost-effective UV-C LEDs available and that means more opportunity to develop new solutions,” said Dr. Robert C. Walker, RayVio CEO. “For applications where cost is the primary driver, the XD mid-power Series is optimum and when milliwatt-power is the priority, our XR Series with up to twelve milliwatts of power is superior and yet very cost effective on a dollar per milliWatt basis.”

For Sale From Digi-Key

RayVio is producing the XD and XR Series in volume and the two series of LEDs are globally available from electronics components distributor Digi-Key.

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