Osram Opto and Joyson Implement “Super Cruise” Technology in Cadillac CT6 Using IR LEDs

Osram Opto Semiconductors reported that it and Joyson Safety Systems are outfitting the new Cadillac CT6 with a novel system for semi-autonomous driving. Joyson claims that ‘Super Cruise’ is the industry’s first true hands-free driving technology for the highway. The system employs Osram’s infrared and LED components. Joyson Safety Systems’ steering wheel for the Cadillac CT6 employs these embedded infrared and LED components to monitor driver attentiveness through the tracking of their head position to ensure drivers are watching the road ahead while ‘Super Cruise’ is engaged.

Joyson Created Steering Wheel Featuring Osram Opto IR LEDs

According to Osram, ‘Super Cruise’ embodies the next evolution of adaptive cruise control, and it works only if the driver is paying attention to the road ahead. For this reason, Joyson Safety Systems worked with Osram to create a steering wheel with an embedded infrared camera that tracks the driver’s head position and gaze to confirm the driver’s eyes are on the road at all times.

“Super Cruise” System Alerts Drivers Not Paying Attention

If the driver looks away from the road for too long, the ‘Super Cruise’ system will send a series of alerts for the driver to resume supervision of the road. In the unlikely event that a driver becomes completely unresponsive, the Cadillac CT6 utilizes the full capability of onboard driver assistance technologies to bring the car to a controlled stop.

Cadillac plans to expand the rollout of Super CruiseTM, a hands-free driver assistance feature for the freeway that uses IR LEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors embedded in a steering wheel produced by Joyson Safety Systems.

The Joyson Safety Systems’ steering wheel is equipped with Osram’s Oslon Black SFH 4715S IREDs to helps track eye movement. It also features Osram’s RGB Multiled to indicate to the driver when the ‘Super Cruise’ system is operating and what function the system is currently performing. For instance, the LED lights turn green when the ‘Super Cruise’ system is engaged. The lights turn blue when the system senses the driver might not be paying attention, and turn red when the system disengages. The LEDs also blink on and off when the IREDs are blocked from viewing the driver’s eyes.

“We are pleased to partner with Joyson Safety Systems on Super Cruise,” said Rajeev Thakur, marketing manager, Osram Opto Semiconductors. “Our visible and infrared LEDs place us in a unique position to collaborate with a variety of dynamic development partners looking to innovate advanced driver assistance systems – from driver monitoring, to LiDAR, adaptive headlights and more. Partnerships like this will continue to allow us to advance mobility and create safer transportation solutions.”

“We are proud of this successful partnership with Osram, and we are convinced this Driver Monitoring System will play an important role in reducing distracted driving and enhancing road traffic safety,” said Kirk Morris, chief strategy officer of Joyson Safety Systems.

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