Quantum Materials Corp Reports Surpassing 7000 Hours of Continuous Operation with QD LEDs

Quantum Dot LED Milestone Surpassed by Quantum Materials Corp, an American maker of Cadmium-free quantum dots based in San Marcos, Texas (a town south of Austin), Quantum Materials Corp reported that its QLEDs have surpassed 7000 hours of continuously-on time durability testing in a remote LED application. As a comparison, one year is equal to 8760 hours.

The company points out that the use of quantum dots with LED’s has been slow to advance primarily due to the difficulty of achieving the required reliability and durability to withstand the heat generation inside the LED package without suffering thermal quenching and the resulting rapid performance deterioration.

No Degradation Measured in Intensity, Peak Emission, or FWHM

The company’s QD-LEDs were tested under continuous power at 2.5 Volts DC at 70mA and were measured initially, incrementally and at the 7000 hour mark. At 7000 hours of continuous operation, the testing showed no measurable degradation of intensity, peak emission or FWHM (a mathematical function meaning full width at half maximum), which is the measure for color purity when the FWHM function is applied to the emission spectrum of light.

“Through this development effort, we have also made significant discoveries that have improved performance of our electroluminescent quantum dot materials, paving the way for next-generation display and lighting applications. Our team continues to demonstrate the extraordinary accelerated discovery that can be accomplished using our patented continuous flow process, ” commented Quantum Materials Corp president and CEO Stephen Squires.

Quantum Materials Says QDs Combined with LEDs Can Provide Superior Color Rendering with High Efficiency

Notably, the company contends that when colloidal QD’s are combined with LED’s or Micro LEDs the pure and tunable spectra of QDs makes it possible to achieve excellent color rendering and high luminous efficiency, simultaneously.

“Exceeding 7000 hours of continuous illumination with zero degradation is an extraordinary accomplishment that can move the reality of true QD-LED technology one step closer to reality. It is even more so when you consider all our materials, regardless of whether they are prototype or production, are produced using our proprietary continuous flow production process enabling seamless scale-up to high volume production,” said Toshi Ando, Quantum Materials Corp senior director of Business Development.

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