New Xlamp XP-G3 S LEDs from Cree Meant to Withstand Increased On/Off and Dimming of Connected Lighting

Cree, Inc. announced that it has extended the XP-G3 series with the addition of the XLamp® XP-G3 S Line LED. Cree says it optimized the new XP-G3 S line for the connected lighting future. Explicitly, with the XP-G3 S Line, Cree says it provides high-power LED technology optimized for long-lifetime, high-power general lighting applications in which sensors and the internet of things (IoT) are becoming common, including lighting applications such as commercial indoor, parking, industrial, and roadway lighting.

Connected lighting systems employ information derived from occupancy sensors and other sources to continuously respond to the host environment. This response can include the dimming or switching-off of unneeded lights to conserve energy.

Connected Lighting Dims or Switches Lights Off 10X More Frequently, According to Cree

The company notes that on average, a connected lighting system will dim or switch off lights up to 10 times more frequently than with a conventional lighting system. According to Cree, these additional dimming and switching cycles inherently put more stress on the LED system and can reduce the luminaire’s lifetime. However, as a result of innovations in component architecture, Cree contends that the new XLamp XP-G3 S Line LED can withstand double the number of switching cycles compared to competing LEDs in its class.

XP-G3 S Line Boasts Improved Reliability and Can Operate in Harsh Environments

In addition to delivering higher light output and efficiency, Cree says that the new XP-G3 S Line LED further improves the standard XP-G3 with enhanced reliability through switching and dimming cycles as well as providing improved resistance to sulfur exposure. Therefore, Cree asserts that this more robust of the XP-G3 LED version offers excellent LED system reliability in all lighting applications, including operation in harsher environments.

“Our customers want LED solutions that are highly efficient, cost-effective and reliable enough to last in the harsh outdoor environments of Brazil,” said Mario Sergio Martins, co-owner, Genesis Devices & Equipment (GDE). “With the new XP-G3 S Line LEDs, Cree is delivering a solution that is quickly and easily implemented to improve the performance and reliability for all my products, whether they include IoT controls now or will be retrofitted later in the field.”

“Cree’s lighting-class LEDs enabled the lighting revolution and LED lighting is now the industry standard. Looking forward, the lighting market will require LEDs designed to withstand the rigors of connected intelligent lighting,” said Dave Emerson, Cree LEDs executive vice president and general manager. “Cree’s new S Line LEDs employ a unique chip and package architecture that delivers the reliability and performance to withstand harsh environments, repeated dimming and on/off cycles.”

LED Features Efficiency Up to 190 lm/W

The 3.45 by 3.45mm XP-G3 S LED boasts a maximum efficacy of 190 lm/W at binning conditions and can operate with a maximum drive current of up to 2A. The LED’s maximum light output is 777 lumens. The device features a typical forward voltage of 2.73 V when operating at 350 mA and can withstand power up to 6W total power

The company insists that the XP-G3 S Line LED offers an easy upgrade path for existing XP-based LED systems, letting manufacturers quickly implement these LED innovations in their designs. Product samples are now available and Cree has made production quantities available with standard lead times.

The XP-G3 S Line LED reportedly has LM-80 data available so luminaires using the LEDs can immediately meet the requirements for DesignLights Consortium® qualification.