Plessey Launches MIDION Mid-power Series

UK company Plessey Semiconductors has introduced a range of mid-power LED packages. Plessey’s mid-power LED series called MIDION™ includes products with efficacies up to 210 lumens per watt (LPW), modules with zero-flicker output adjustment, and LED components with minimum 90 CRI.

Plessey MIDION Series of mid-power LEDs

All of the series have certified LM-80 (lumen maintenance) test data available and come in standard color temperatures for general lighting applications. Also, the portfolio includes various high-CRI, high-voltage, super-efficient, and LEDs binned to three-step MacAdam ellipse (SCDM) as standard with reels of LEDs binned to single-step MacAdam ellipse (SCDM) available on request.

Plessey’s MIDION™LED mid-power series

The MIDION™ range features the ultra-small dotLED™ plus models in standard 2835, 3014, 3030, 5050, and 5630 PLCC packages. The MIDION series also spans color temperatures of 2700–6500 K with nominal flux levels ranging from 20 to 140 lm and a typical viewing angle of 120°.

Giuliano Cassataro, Plessey’s sales director, said, “We are very excited about the launch of the MIDION™ product range which augments and enhances our existing LUCIAN™ range of high power LED products. Plessey has established itself as a credible European-based manufacturer of LEDs with best in class performance and competitive pricing. Our new extended offering of mid-power LEDs enables us to address an even wider range of lighting applications.”

The series offers nominal voltages of 2.7 to 8.5 with operating currents of up to 350 mA.

Find more information about Plessey’s Mid Power LEDs here.

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