Cree Introduces CLQ6A RGBW and CLQ6AF PC Amber LEDs

Cree has added the CLQ6A RGBW to its line of architectural lighting class LEDs. According to Cree, the new CLQ6A RGBW (red, green, blue and white) LED is the first one-watt individually addressable RGBW LED in its class. The four-in-one LED offers a single point source for efficient color mixing and superior optical control that can enable lighting manufacturers to develop differentiated architectural lighting solutions.


At 100 mA the RGBW LED can provide 25 lumens for White, 8.2 lumens for Blue, 30 lumens for Green, 14 lumens for Red. The LED’s package measures just 5 x 5.2 mm package. Cree claims that the CLQ6A LED improves brightness by seven times compared to similar RGBW LEDs that are not optimized for architectural lighting.

Cree also reports that it has also added a PC Amber option to its CLX6F family. The PC Amber CLX6F delivers 23 lumens at 105 mA from a package measuring 3.4 mm by 3.5 mm. These new LEDs provide unique design options and expand the company’s LED portfolio for architectural lighting.

“Cree continues to develop new application-optimized LEDs that provide our customers with the best options to meet their design requirements,” said Dave Emerson, Cree LEDs senior vice president and general manager. “Previously, lighting manufacturers only had high and low power LEDs to choose from for these color options. With the new CLQ6A and CLX6F LEDs, we are expanding the industry’s best portfolio of LEDs for architectural lighting with the light output and reliability innovations expected from Cree to fill the performance gap in the market and meet customers’ needs.”

“Architectural lighting is one of the most challenging applications because of the scale, visibility and complexity of the installations. This is why we trust our brand with Cree® LEDs,” said Li Yong Tao, R&D Director at Grand Canyon LED Lighting Systems Co, Ltd. “Cree® LEDs deliver superior luminous flux output, rich color options and excellent color consistency that are perfect for architectural lighting. Cree’s high reliability enables us to offer products that perform well even in harsh outdoor conditions.”

Cree has made product samples of the CLQ6A and CLX6F LEDs available with standard lead times. Visit for more information.

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