Nikkiso Introduces 265nm UVC LED Source for Industrial Curing

Nikkiso based in Tokyo, Japan, has introduced a 265nm line source for industrial curing applications. The UVC LED source employs individual UVC LEDs operating at powers up to 30 mW.  The 2D array of UVC LEDs delivers cw power density greater than 125mW / cm2 and boasts a uniformity of ± 10%.

Dennis Martin, President & CEO of Nikkiso America, stated, “UV LED technology is advancing rapidly, with extraordinary progress reported annually in optical output power, efficiency and cost. With the printing industry being a significant user of UV-based light sources, our technology offers compelling advantages over lamp-based solutions and further enables new applications.”

According to Nikkiso, the devices offer a compact and rugged lamp alternative with consistent power over time,  long operating lifetimes, wavelength control, and faster start-up times. Nikkiso says that the devices are ideal for applications in water purification and sterilization,  industrial curing and printing, and life science instrumentation.

The UV light sources use the company’s proprietary AlGaN semiconductor technology.  Nikkiso says that the 2014 Nobel Prize winning Professors Akasaki and Amanowas developed the AlGaN technology that enables the highest output in the UV-B and UV-C portions of the spectrum. The company’s production facilities that include epitaxy, wafer fab and packaging are located in Japan’s Ishikawa Prefecture. The facilities have a monthly capacity of over 30,000 units.

“LED replacement of lamp technology is inevitable,”  Mr. Martin said, “and is, therefore, a very important consideration for system designers and their product roadmaps.”