Lumileds Offers Multiple Colors with Same Focal Length for Better Color Mixing

Lumileds has launched its high power Luxeon C Color Line of LEDs. Uniquely, multiple colors of the Luxeon C Color line of LEDs have the same focal length.

“We’ve solved the problems of beam halos and mismatched, unmixed color by designing our platform to offer multiple colors with a single focal length,” explained David Cosenza, product manager for the Luxeon C Colors Line.

Lumileds Luxeon C Color LEDs with same focal length

The consistent focal length simplifies optical design, maximizes optical efficiency, and produces matching emission patterns. The matching emission patterns enable smooth color mixing. Smooth color mixing is particularly important in stage, studio, and television lighting applications that can require combining seven colors or more.

“Initial feedback from studio lighting professionals confirms that Lumileds LUXEON C Color LEDs’ precise color mixing and optical performance will enable a new generation of lighting designs,” said Cosenza.

High center beam candle power (CBCP) known as “punch” is often needed in architectural lighting. Applications such as narrow and tall wall washers can take advantage of Luxeon C Colors’ low dome design that keeps the source size small. Lumileds points out that the small source size leads to greater optical control, more compact optics, and higher punch. Emergency vehicle lighting often uses narrow beams requiring superior punch. The company also contends that its Luxeon C Color line is the industry’s first hot tested color line in which LED performance is specifying at 85°C.

“Predicting changes in chromaticity and light output across temperature for different colors is now a problem of the past,” said Cosenza.

The company contends that the LEDs boast the industry’s lowest thermal resistance substrates (as low as 2.8°C/W), which allow the customers to drive the LEDs harder. The Luxeon C Color Line comes in a broad variety of colors in a compact, 2×2 mm package. Colors include Royal Blue, Blue, Green, Cyan, Red, Red-Orange, and PC Amber. Lumileds is also making phosphor-converted whites initially available at 4000K and 5700K with 70 CRI. The company plans to make additional members of the Luxeon C Color Line of LEDs available in the coming months.