Britomart Transport Centre Features Nanolumens LED Display Towers

LED display company Nanolumens teamed up with QMS Media, an Australian outdoor media company, and Digital Place Solutions (DPS), an Australian digital display and place-based media consultancy on a display project at the Britomart Transport Centre in Auckland, New Zealand.

Nanolumens reported the completion of the project which creates an immersive, engaging, and revenue-generating platform. The installation of the two digital advertising towers is in what firm described as an “architecturally sensitive environment.”

Britomart Transport Centre - display towers from Nanolumens

Britomart Transport Centre - display towers known as “Britomart Towers” from Nanolumens

The Britomart Transport Centre combines a bus interchange with a railway station in a former Edwardian post office. The post office has been extended with widespread post-modernist architectural elements. Working with the existing design of Britomart Station was a key requirement of the project. The station features architectural wall coverings and stainless steel highlights.  The low profile and light weight of the NanoLumens displays minimally impact the physical structure, and the display towers deliver bright, reliable, and high-resolution images for commercial advertising.

“Taking on a project like this isn’t for the faint of heart,” emphasized NanoLumens Vice President of Strategic Accounts Almir DeCarvalho.  “It takes a unique combination of design and engineering creativity, superior display technology, and a client willing to embrace new thinking to produce a next-generation advertising solution that benefits everyone involved — the transportation authority, the media company, and the marketers who will be empowered to target hard-to-reach daily rail commuters.  All three elements came together perfectly on this project, and the result speaks for itself!  Together, we created a dramatic 21st Century digital advertising platform within the architecturally significant Britomart Transportation Centre — and we did it without interfering at all with the iconic architecture of the hub.”

The new pair of premium digital displays known as the ‘Britomart Towers,’ are prominently situated in the busy transportation hub.

“The ‘Britomart Towers’ are positioned on either side of the station’s main commuter escalators,” explained Digital Place Solutions Director Stephen Rubie.  DPS serves as NanoLumens’s distributor in the region.

“The sheer size and scale of these landmark displays ensure maximum impact and exposure to the large volumes of foot traffic moving throughout the station and provides visibility from all commuter platforms,” Rubie said.

QMS Media New Zealand CEO Wayne Chapman noted that, “More than 35,000 passengers pass through Britomart Station on any given work day, a solid 20% increase over the last year. This passenger growth is only set to continue with the development of the new City Rail Link that will connect through the station. The ‘Britomart Towers’ offer advertisers the impact and flexibility of digital outdoor, with the ability to target a previously hard-to-reach busy rail commuter,” Chapman explained.

The Britomart Station towers are comprised of two 6mm NanoSlim portrait-oriented displays The displays are mounted directly to elevator shafts on either side of the subway’s main platform exits.  The displays each measure 2.7m (W) x 4.8m (H). They offer an opportunity to reach 100% of the passengers exiting the busiest metro station in New Zealand. According to Nanolumens, the high-resolution displays are configured to provide synchronized content that doubles the advertising impact.

For the project, DPS, QMS Media, and NanoLumens collaborated to meet and exceed the technical specifications of Auckland Transport.

The deployment in an underground railway station environment required NanoLumens to provide specific product certification data for the display technology to meet Auckland Transport’s technology requirements, such as power consumption and fire ratings, to ensure that the LED video screens didn’t compromise safety or adversely affect the environment.

The deployment schedule was also critical. “Being an active transport hub, the production, delivery, and installation schedule needed to be spot on to minimize any potential disruption to passenger movement,” Rubie noted.

“These advertising towers now provide some of the best advertising opportunities in New Zealand,” Rubie said.

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