Lumileds Adds High-Output Arrays to Luxeon COB Core Range with Flux of Up to 30,000 Lumens

Lumileds has extended its Luxeon CoB Core Range to include high lumen output models for applications such as stadium lights, streetlights, as well as low and high bay fixtures.

“We now have the ability to address not only 40 and 50W applications but up to 100W and 120W applications with these high lumen packages, at the same high efficacy as our Luxeon CoB Core Range (Gen 3) products,” said Eric Senders, product line director for the Luxeon CoB Family.

The addition of the high lumen output models to Luxeon CoB Core Range (Gen 3) includes light emitting surfaces (LES) of 23, 29 and 32 mm. These LED arrays have nominal fluxes of 8,800, 11,000 and 16,000 lm, respectively, at drive currents of 1.2, 2.1 and 2.2 A. According to the company, the LED arrays can achieve up to 30,000 lumens.

COB Core Range Performance

The core range LED arrays boast an efficacy up to 161 lm/W. Also, the arrays come with color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 5700K and have minimum CRI options of 70, 80 or 90. The CRI options include an efficient 70 CRI solution in warmer 3000K for outdoor lighting. The CRI choices also include cool color temperatures and high minimum CRI of 90 for applications such as illuminating studios and stadiums.

Lumileds mounts the CoBs on square Metal Core PCBs (MCPCBs). The company says that these MCPCBs offer the lowest available thermal resistance. This lowest thermal resistance allows smaller heat sinks and optics resulting in lower system cost.

The company notes that the Luxeon CoB Core Range (Gen 3) is compatible with an existing ecosystem of optics, drivers, and holders.

“Feedback from many CoB customers indicates that heat sinks alone make up a substantial portion of system cost. By keeping the LES as small as possible and having a low thermal resistance substrate, a smaller heat sink can be used, and a good portion of the cost has been removed from the system,” said Senders.

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