Dowa Develops High-Output Deep UV LED; Begins Mass Production

Dowa Electronics Materials Co, Ltd. of Tokyo, a subsidiary of Dowa Holdings Co., Ltd. has created a deep ultraviolet LED chip.
The says that the deep UV LED features the unprecedented output of 75 mW at a peak wavelength of 280 nm. The company says that it has been prepared to mass produce these 1 mm × 1 mm deep UV LEDs. The company also says it has the capacity to fabricate the equivalent of one million of these LED chips per month.

Deep UV LEDs Can Replace Mercury Lamps for Disinfection

Dowa begins mass production of high-output deep UV LED.

The wavelength of the deep UV LEDs enables them to replace conventional mercury lamps used for disinfection and disinfestation. The deep UV LEDs are mercury free, and they are smaller than the mercury lamps. Power savings is an additional advantage of the LEDs over mercury lamps.

The LEDs also consume less power than conventional mercury lamps. Dowa expects manufacturers to use this product in new energy saving and potentially Internet-connected (smart) applications for water, air, and surface disinfection.

Dowa says that its deep UV LEDs combine a high-quality aluminum nitride (AlN) template with the company’s unique crystal growth technology.

Back in 2010, Dowa Electronics Materials says it began to mass-produce a deep ultraviolet LED chip that boasted the highest reliability in extreme environments. Since then the company has increased the output and efficiency of its deep UV LEDs. The company says it applied improved crystal growth technology with a more optimized LED chip design to achieve the output power of 75 mW.

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