LG Innotek Promoting the Addition of Violet LEDs to Lights for ‘Visible Disinfection Lighting’

LG Innotek based in Seoul, South Korea, announced the company’s ‘Visible Disinfection Lighting’, a functional light source that sterilizes like sunlight. According to the company, its special violet (405nm) LED achieves eco-friendly sterilization. LG Innotek says that the method is analogous to drying household goods and blankets in the sun. Instead of occurring in the sun, however, the sterilization happens with exposure to violet LED light indoors.

LG Innotek — 405 nm wavelength (violet) LED package for ‘Visual Light Disinfection’

Long-term exposure to sunlight makes bacteria unable to reproduce, thereby causing their extinction. This process is due to a material called ‘porphyrin’ within bacteria which destroys its cells after reacting with certain wavelengths of sunlight. LG Innotek employed 405nm wavelength (violet) LED light to which porphyrin reacts most actively, using the company’s unique light extraction technology.

Tests Prove ‘Visible Disinfection Lighting’ Kills Bacteria but Safe for Humans

Korea Conformity Laboratories (KCL) confirmed that Hygenic Light LED killed 99.9% of Escherichia Coli (E. Coli) without any chemicals. LG Innotek notes that the sterilization function can be used where many people pass by such as kitchens or restrooms because it does not harm humans. Furthermore, the International Electrotechnical Commission found that the light meets the Photobiological Safety Standard (IEC 62471) because it does not have any negative effect on human eyes or skin.

Also, the company says that its ‘Visible Disinfection Lighting’ can optimize the sterilization power through the control of the light’s intensity (brightness).

Product Could be Utilized in Facilities for Health & Medical Treatment and for Food & Drug Facilities

LG Innotek intends to actively promote ‘Visible Disinfection Lighting’, targeting local and international LED lighting makers. The company says that the proven sterilization effect and safety of this product allow it to actively promote the product for use in facilities related to health & medical treatment as well as public places including food & drug-related facilities and public restrooms.

Already, as a trial, LG Innotek has installed this product in the coffin rooms of funeral halls and waste storage rooms in Yonsei University Severance Hospital in Seoul. The company has received positive responses about the product as it enhances the sterilization effect.

Song June-O, the Vice President of LED Business Unit, said that “‘Visible Disinfection Lighting’ is an innovative solution that will brighten up our living space and at the same time sterilize it safely and conveniently.” He added, “It will be able to improve the quality of many people’s lives.”

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