U.S. LED Display Maker Ultravision International Expands Production Capacity

Ultravision International, a Dallas, Texas-based maker and distributor of LED displays and LED lighting, reported that the company invested $4 million to open new production lines in Dallas. According to Ultravision, the new production lines will triple the company’s North Texas workforce and significantly expand its production capacity. The company, which was founded by long-time Dallas entrepreneur William Hall, holds 39 patents for LED lighting and LED modular display panel technologies.

Ultravision International added new production lines to Dallas manufacturing plant.

“Ultravision fundamentally changed the LED industry by inventing light-weight, modular display panels that eliminate the need for cabinet displays, which are difficult to install and costly to maintain,” said William Hall, CEO and co-founder of Ultravision International. “We are proud to manufacture all of our products in the United States. The incredible demand we’re experiencing across industries tells us buyers recognize the value of buying LED technology from the actual inventor and U.S. manufacturer.”

The company asserts that demand for its digital billboards has skyrocketed. The tremendous demand increase, according to Ultravision has resulted in the need to greatly expand its production capabilities in Dallas.

Ultravision’s New Production Lines Can Operate Around the Clock

The company says its new production lines, which produce Ultravision’s billboard lighting assemblies and the modular LED display panels, can operate around the clock to keep pace with demand. However, the company points out that for large enough orders, all of the production lines can be quickly retooled to manufacture the same product. The firm says it more than tripled its Dallas workforce adding new production employees. Also, Ultravision intends to add dozens more sales, marketing, administrative, and management personnel in 2018.

“Our customers require incredible speed to market and quick execution on production and delivery of our lighting solutions and modular LED display panels. Hiring all these terrific North Texas people and increasing our production capacity allows us to build and deliver our products to customers faster than the competition,” said John Lee, vice president of global operations for Ultravision International. “The biggest pain point in the out-of-home advertising industry is how long it takes to get display products into the field where they can be installed and start driving revenue. Ultravision’s expanded manufacturing capabilities makes us far and away the fastest producer of high-quality, patent-protected products.”

The LED billboard maker boasts that it can probably produce and deliver products to customers in less time than it takes cargo ships to carry foreign-made products to the U.S.

“Ultravision now has truly unlimited production capacity with a commitment to quality and safety that’s second to none,” Lee said. “As we further accelerate the production and delivery of our products, we believe that the industry will convert even more static billboards to dynamic LED displays, which results in lower costs, better operations and more profits. We’re giving our customers the technology and tools they need to fundamentally change how they do business.”


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